You can search in this register in two ways:

 1. Ask a question

 In the text field marked Search in the upper left part of this page enter a find search text string into the text field, i.e. write the whole or part of the searched surname and/or member of a faculty department. (If you donĀ“t remember the number of the department you can find it by means of the reference at the foot of this page). Once you have entered the find search text string click on one of the request buttons Staff, Students, All depending on the sector you want to search in. E.g. For a full name "Svoboda" enter "Svobo" or "S12101" or "12101".

 2. Choise from the menu

  In the upper right part of this page you may search by the first letters of surnames of staff members or students (A-Z0) or by Faculty departments (12xxx). You only have to click on the requested choise - the find search text string is automatically entered and the search is executed.

  The telephone register is updated daily, see timestamp when searching.
You can change your room and phone in usermap.